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All Good Things…

…and all not so good things, for that matter. Like this blog.

It’s time that I give up on the blog idea. Looking back, it’s been… well, way too long since I bothered writing anything for it.

It’s not that I don’t think I could be a good writer. I just can’t set aside the time to do it. There are too many interests that I have in my ever continuing quest to know everything. As it is, I’ve already had to cut back on some of those pursuits.

There are great writers out there… EbonmuseGreta ChristinaProf. Myers… who make the time to do their writing, writers who are passionate, intelligent, and can argue their position with a strength that I never could. Go read them instead.

We’re both wasting our time here.

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Detox Box

So I load up my browser the other day, and what do I see on my home page? Why, a post about a “medical device” of rather dubious efficiency called the “Detox Box.” Go check out that website. Aside from possibly melting your brain, it shouldn’t hurt.

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Another Keynes Quote

John Maynard Keynes again, from

It is better to be roughly right than precisely wrong.

I think some creationists could take a lesson or two from that…

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An Evolution Parable

Wow. I was browsing some older posts at The Indigestible when I came across this parable in the comments.

Imagine there is a giant boulder sitting on top of a high hill. One rainy and windy day, the boulder’s purchase is so eroded that it finally tumbles down the hill scouring a huge groove in the surface of the hill. The way down is rocky and clogged with debris, so the boulder, as it tumbles, bounces this way and that, popping up in the air when it hits an outcrop or a fallen tree. At the bottom of the hill, the boulder bounces off the ground and falls into the lake beyond, where it sinks into the mud and is covered over by water.

Hundreds of years later some men come by and notice the great furrow cut in the surface of the hill. The furrow is incomplete because over time parts of it have weathered away, and a subsequent landslide has destroyed portions of it, and there were times when the boulder was airborne. The rock itself lay hidden beneath the muddy floor of the lake. The men try to explain what caused this furrow. One man, the theist, says that God created the furrow. The other men like this idea and they go back to their village and spread the good word, culminating in Fred Franklin writing a book that tells about God creating the furrow.

Several hundred years after that a theist and a scientist come to visit the furrow.

Go read the rest.

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Blane Conklin Quote

Another great quote, this time from Blane Conklin (via Austin Atheist), commenting on how he changed when he left his religion (emphasis added):

The long-term answer is that I became a better human being. I found more compassion toward the billions of people I had never met. If the teeming masses of the world were no longer the concern of a supernatural being, then they just became mine.

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PZ Quote

A good one from PZ when criticizing, as he put it, another ignorant pundit:

We can see the effects of [evolutionary] history on modern individuals. We can sequence genes, measure protein polymorphisms, follow patterns in morphology and see the record of macroevolutionary changes as clearly in life on earth as an astronomer can track stellar history in a Hertzsprung-Russell diagram.

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Keynes Quote

“When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?” -John Maynard Keynes

I’ve seen this quote pop up a few times recently. I like it, and I’ll have to remember it. Especially when a creationist tries to ridicule scientists for “changing their story” or some similar thing.

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